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After 15 years of working at the highest levels, the compositions of Chris Worth Productions draw upon every genre from the rich and colourful history of music, right up to the present moment. Against such an eclectic musical backdrop, Chris Worth and his team of exciting and versatile composers form the creative force behind this royalty free music catalogue.

After gaining his music qualifications in 1989, it was no time at all before Chris's talents as an innovative composer were recognised. When the musical 'First Years' was given its initial run, his score received excellent reviews. Chris went on to spend the next year or two arranging songs, before being asked to provide sound tracks for a series of historical documentaries.

By 1992, Chris had started to combine his skills as a musician with his ability to coordinate and network, both with peers and the industry as a whole. Having identified his niche, he began to build a strong team of composers, chosen for both their ability and versatility, to produce music for audio-visual and multimedia productions. Since then, they have composed for just about every type of production throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, South Africa and Australasia.
Since the launch of the online library resource in 2002, Chris Worth Productions has received many high calibre business accolades including major e-commerce awards for its innovation and customer service. Take a look at our Awards page.

Chris and his team have the talent, diversity and professionalism to provide you with whatever royalty free music or custom compositions you need. So why not let us find you....the Perfect Musical Solution. Check out our production music library of royalty free tracks by downloading individual music tracks, downloading compilations or opting for a CD.

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