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Offline Catalogue

Have you ever wanted a production music resource that just offers you the music styles you use?

For example, you may only ever use classical music for your film and TV projects, or you may only be interested in using motivational music for your corporate video productions. You might need rock music for your sports presentations or computer and video games, or you may only ever need romantic music. The possibilities are as numerous as the number of production styles!
Wouldn't it be great to be able to filter out the styles of buyout music you would never use and to be able to have access to the demos and information of the tracks you want without having to be online?
Just think how quickly you could find your perfect track, or how easy it would be to preview possibilities whilst offline or even away from the computer. You could listen to the demo tracks offline on your device of choice whilst travelling or you could preview tracks in client meetings without the need to be connected to the internet.

With our offline catalogue, you can choose the exact areas of the catalogue you wish to use. A zip file is produced that contains all the demo tracks in from the sections of the catalogue you select, and a pdf brochure shows basic details and prices of the tracks. There are also links in the brochure to take you to the exact page to buy the music when you are back online.

To take advantage of this innovative feature from Chris Worth Productions you need to become a member. It is free and it will only take a minute to sign-up. If you are already a member, then log in.You will not be sent any newsletters unless you choose to receive them although it is wise to do so as we will inform you when tracks have been added to the various areas of the library. You can then update your offline catalogue when necessary.

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