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General FAQs

Q: What is royalty free music?
A: Also called buyout or stock music, production music, pre-licensed music and sometimes even copyright free music, it is music that comes with a licensing agreement to allow you to use the tracks within the terms of the licence without any further synchronisation royalty fees.

Q: I've heard the term copyright free music. Does this mean there are no copyrights in the music?
A: The term copyright free music is misleading as it implies there are no copyrights in the music - there are copyrights on all the music. Chris Worth Productions owns all the copyrights or licensing rights to all the tracks it offers to you. The phrase royalty free is more accurate. Have a look at our Licence and our Terms and Conditions for more information on copyright.

Q: What can I use the music for?
A: You can use the music for films, television, radio, DVD and video productions, websites, multimedia presentations, animations, audio visual slideshows, events, Flash, computer and video games, apps, student films, background and incidental themes or music on-hold. Contact us if you have any usage questions.

Q: Can I commission music from you?
A: Yes! We write custom music for all branches of media. See our custom music page for further information.

Q: How often is new music added to the site?
A: New tracks are added to the site frequently. If you want to be kept informed of all the latest news, updates and special offers then sign up to our e-mail newsletter.

Q: How are the prices displayed?
A: You can view and purchase any of our music in US Dollars, GB Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Euros or Australian Dollars. Click on your flag of choice to display the prices in that currency. No physical delivery charges are needed because you download the tracks. Appropriate VAT charges will be added for customers in the UK and European Union. If you are a business customer outside of the UK with a valid EU VAT number, you can enter your VAT number during the checkout process and pay your local authority. Any promotional codes or special offers will be calculated automatically by the checkout system.

Q: What is your pricing structure?
A: Our prices differ depending on whether you download tracks or download compilations. All prices are clearly displayed in any of the 5 currencies you choose to view.
Please Note:

Q: What format are the tracks in?
A: Full tracks and any variations, (such as 30 second cuts and Underscores for example), allow you to download both a CD quality WAV, (16 bit stereo, 44.1 kHz), or a very high quality MP3 file (256bit in stereo). Loops are only provided in WAV format (16 bit stereo, 44.1KHz). See our Technical FAQs for further details or use the 'music format nature of enquiry' option on our contact us form.

Q: What other formats are available?
A: The website contains WAV and MP3 files as they are by far the most popular way to distribute audio files over the Internet. We can provide files in virtually every other format available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Please note: all loops are only provided as WAV files.

Q: Are there any rules with which I must comply?
A: Yes. Have a look at our Licence Agreement and our Terms and Conditions to familiarise yourself with permitted and prohibited uses. If the music is going to be broadcast or publicly performed you may also need to know about cue sheets.

Q: When do I need a Cue Sheet?
A: If any of the tracks are publicly performed or broadcast, you may need to complete a cue sheet detailing music used, duration, composers etc and hand this to the relevant broadcaster or collecting agency. If you require further information for your cue sheet please contact us.

Q: Do I have to pay royalty fees when the music is broadcast?
A: It is highly unlikely that you will have to pay any royalty fees unless you are the actual broadcaster. It is usually the broadcasters responsibility to hand your cue sheets to the relevant performance rights collection agency so that any applicable royalties can be distributed.

Q: Do I have to pay royalty fees when the music is publicly performed?
A: It is highly unlikely you will be liable for any fees for any public performances, (film festivals or corporate events for example), as it is usually the responsibility of the venue to obtain the appropriate licences. However, rulings may differ slightly depending which country you are in so you should always contact your nearest collection society who will inform you of the exact procedures. You may still be asked to produce a completed cue sheet.

Q: How is the music categorised?
A: This is probably the single most difficult aspect of managing such a large music catalogue as individual opinions can differ so much. We've done our utmost to categorise them in the way that we think most people would expect. Our search facilities will help you to find music and we'll gladly help with your selections. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Q: What categories are there?
  • Dance - techno / trance / house
  • Dance - urban / hip-hop / garage
  • Disco / funk
  • Easy listening / lounge
  • Horror / mystery / suspense
  • Industrial - heavy
  • Industrial - hi-tech / science
  • Industrial - light
  • Jazz / Blues
  • Latin
  • Long Tracks
  • Loops (1 - 20 seconds)
  • Loops (21 - 40 seconds)
  • Loops (41 - 60 seconds)
  • Military
  • News / documentary
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Rock - heavy metal / grunge
  • Rock - light / medium
  • Rock and roll / soul / R&B
  • Romantic / sentimental
  • Sci-fi
  • Solo instruments
  • Soundscapes
  • Sports
  • Stings / bumpers / tags
  • Tropical
  • TV / quiz
  • Vocals
  • World music
  • View All

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