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4th August 2007

50 new tracks and more site improvements.
In addition to the new features we added last month, here are a few more to make your visit more enjoyable.
a) After many requests, the demos for the new tracks this month are full length previews. We have kept the same sound quality level and you will also hear we've added an audio watermark for security reasons.
We realise that although the audio watermark isn't going to be a hit with everyone, the fact that it is only heard every 30-40 seconds, and that you now get to hear the whole track will be far more beneficial than before.
Please give us your feedback....good and using the contact us form, and that will allow us to decide whether to re-do all the other 1000+ tracks in the library in this way too.
b) Composer links.
For example, if you demo a track by Steve Cornish and want to hear more of his music, click on the composer name link and all his tracks will be shown.
c) A new search box has been placed on the left hand side of the page below the menu list. This is always visible which means you  can do quick searches from anywhere on the site to help you find what you need faster.
d) We have added the ability to accept payments by PayPal, so you now have the choice of whether to pay by card through WorldPay or through PayPal. You can also use a PayPal account if you, or your company, have one.
New Tracks:
50 track files, made up from 26 individual titles and extra loops, have been uploaded for August 2007.
Chillout, dance music, classical and latin music are some of the styles on offer this month. 
A brief selection of the tracks include:
'A Cool Approach' - laid back, smooth chillout track.
'Beethoven's 5th Symphony' - this is the 1st movement of this instantly recognisable classical track.
'Bliss' - uplifting and joyful dance track..
'Focussed Mind' - a flowing corporate bed.
'Latin Quarter' - an infectious piano riff with a contemporary latin backing..
'Pomp And Circumstance March Number 1' - very British. As used by the BBC on The Last Night Of The Proms music festival.
Clicking the following link, (or copying and pasting it into your internet address bar), will open a page where all the new tracks are
displayed in alphabetical order:
WAV format, MP3 format, or both?:
As you know, not only do we offer you the finest royalty free music tracks, but we always strive to offer you the finest quality sound files too. Now is your chance to say whether you want to be able to access uncompressed WAV files or not.
If you look at the bottom left of this page you will see a very simple poll survey. Just click which option you would like, (WAV, MP3, Choice of WAV or MP3, or Other), and click submit.
We would like your feedback. It's a great opportunity for you to tell us what you want.


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