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3rd September 2007

New royalty free tracks for September 2007.
........Extreme sports music, rock, dance and serene classical piano solos are some of the styles on offer this month.
A brief selection of the tracks include:
'Circular Motion' - industrial dance music.
'Gymnopodie No.1'- you'll instantly recognise this soft and tranquil piano classic.
'Light Surrounds You' - energetic rave with lots of life.
'Robot' - technology in action. Constant movement.
'Sorcerer's Apprentice' - magical and mystical. Made famous by the Walt Disney film "Fantasia".
'Start Your Engines' - feel the raw power as the race begins..
Clicking the following link, (or copying and pasting it into your internet address bar), will open a page where all the new tracks are
displayed in alphabetical order:
2. Vote for your preferred download file format:
Last month we offered you the opportunity to vote on whether you wanted our tracks as WAV files, MP3 files or both. We
have had hundreds of votes so far, but this is your last chance to let us know what you want us to provide you with.
If you look at the bottom left of the homepage, (or left of this page), you will see a very simple poll survey. Just click which option you would like,
(WAV, MP3, Choice of WAV or MP3, or Other), and click submit.
We would like your feedback. It's a great opportunity for you to tell us what you want.


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