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1st October 2007

October 2007 update
.......A journey from reflective piano tracks through to dramatic and aggressive music are some of the styles on offer this month.
A brief selection of the tracks include:
'Club Stomp' - groovy and funky, this hardcore dance track will shake the room.
'Nimrod (from Elgar's Enigma Variations)' - smooth, flowing with surging emotions. Inspiring and uplifting.
'Lazy Cruising' - laid back mellow hip-hop track.
'Mars (from the Planets Suite)' - the 'Bringer of War'. Energetic and full of drama. Intense and aggressive.
'Slightly Mad' - a feeling of being on the edge and losing control in this piano piece.
'Working Action' - repetitive mechanical feel suitable for all industrial settings.
Clicking the following link, (or copying and pasting it into your internet address bar), will open a page where all the new tracks are
displayed in alphabetical order:
2. File format results:
Thanks to all who voted in our short poll survey so you could tell us which file format you preferred to download our music in.
We were thrilled at the response with hundreds on votes cast. The results were as follows:
WAV file only - 21%
MP3 only - 66%
Choice of WAV or MP3 - 10%
Other - 3%
Although the 'MP3 only' option was the clear winner, there were lots of votes for people wanting access to WAVs too. We can't
ignore these requests so we'll see if we can introduce the ability to download WAVs in due course.
Once again, thank you all for your feedback. That worked really well - I'm sure we'll try that again with another poll.
If you have any poll suggestions, or comments of any kind, we'd love to hear from you. We always take your feedback seriously.


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