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3rd December 2007

50 royalty free music tracks added for December 2007.
1. New Tracks:
The last update of the year sees a massive 50 new tracks added to the site, made up from 28 individual titles plus all their
extra versions and loops.
Not only have we added brand new tracks ranging in style from light, magical pieces to hard aggressive urban music, but
we've also added a few new loops for some of our most popular existing tracks too.
A brief selection of the tracks include:
'Can We Talk This Through' - tense and grungy rock music.
'Defending The Realm' - short World War 2 military track.' Great for opening or end credit sequences.
'Horn Concertos No.3 & No.4' - the last movement of Concerto No.4 is one of Mozart's most recognisable compositions.
'Jazz Funk Jam' - laid back groovy jam session.
'Looking On The Bright Side' - an open, optimistic and uplifting track.
'The Night Before Christmas' - a sweet, simple, magical melody with a music box feel.
Clicking the following link, (or copying and pasting it into your internet address bar), will open a page where all the new tracks are
displayed in alphabetical order:
2. New Category:
Now and again we're asked for very short pieces of music that are not loops, so we've launched our 'Stings / bumpers / tags'
category. We've just added a few to start with, and any comments or feedback you have would be great. If they prove to be
popular we'll add some more. Let us know your thoughts if you're interested in a bigger selection.
Here is the link to the new section:
3. Looking back at 2007.....and forward to 2008:
A personal thanks goes to all of you for your continued support throughout 2007. More updates and improvements are planned for 2008
to ensure we provide you with the best service....and music.
Chris Worth Productions deals with customers and businesses in over 60 countries throughout the world, working with people of
different cultures and religions. If you will celebrate Christmas in December; we hope you, your family and friends have a great
time over the festive period, but to all of you, thank you again for using our music over the past year.
Well, that's it for December. All the best for now, and see you in 2008! 


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