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2nd June 2008

Royalty free buyout music tracks for June 2008
1. New Tracks:
A mixture of different styles makes up our latest update for June 2008.
24 new tracks have been added, made up from 15 individual titles plus all their extra versions and loops.
Mainly short pieces for modern sequences and presentations, with a couple of sci-fi sounding soundtracks too.
A brief selection of the tracks include:
'Canitilever' - Soft echoing sounds generating a spacious backdrop.
'Daydream' - Light rock, this would be great as a title or credit soundtrack.
'Electro Bassline' - Tight and punchy with a mechanical nature.
'Flutey Floaty'' - Flute samples and guitars in this laid-back piece.
'Insight' - Reversed chords form the basis of this airy soundscape.
'My Future House' - Corporate achievement and industrialisation. Lots of energy.
Clicking the following link, (or copying and pasting it into your internet address bar), will open a page where all the new tracks are
displayed in alphabetical order:
2. Custom Music Projects:
You know the quality and professionalism of our library tracks, so why not hire us to write some custom music tracks for your next
project to give it that extra special uniqueness?
With our 14 professional composers, we can offer a huge range of styles and diversity....and of course our service is second to none.
A bespoke soundtrack might not cost as much as you think.
Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a quote for you.
Well, that's it for June. See you next month! 


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