Customer survey

A survey that really does take less than 2 minutes to complete? Here it is!
We always welcome any feedback on our site and services as it helps us provide more of what you want. Please select which ever option you think best, and provide some extra feedback in the boxes below if you wish. You don't have to supply your name and e-mail address, but if you do, we'll be able to answer any comments and questions you have.

1. Which of the following features is the most important to you?

2. Are there any features you think we could improve on?

3. How do you prefer to receive your music?

4. What do you use our music for?

5. How often do you purchase royalty free music?

6. How often do you use custom music soundtracks?

7. Are there any styles of music not currently in our library that you would like to hear?

8. If you have any other comments, please type them here:

9. Your name:

10. Your email address:

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